Amidst the local village atmosphere surrounded by tranquil rice fields finds Bon Nyuh Bungalows, your home away from home.

The peace and harmony only broken at sunset by the call of frogs and the sight of fireflies. During the day the rustling rice fields call to you over the gentle breezes and during threshing season the happy voices of villagers working together find you smiling at the happiness in their voices.

Bon Nyuh Bungalows is the ideal base for exploring the surrounds of the Gianyar regency which includes the touristy cultural center’s of Ubud, Mas, Celuk and Tegallalang.

The relaxing, serene, and private comforts that Bon Nyuh Bungalows offer means you don’t have to leave your home base if you don’t want to. But if activities are what you’re after, they are all in close proximity to the Bungalows.